Drug project 8th grade health
Updated: 2/23/2021
Drug project 8th grade health

Storyboard Text

  • Nice to meet you!
  • Hmmm- I’m feeling really down today, maybe I should take 2 pills instead of one……
  • Well I mean I’ve been taking antidepressants and I feel great! Wanna try some? They’re amazing
  • Hey, you seemed really peppy yesterday- How’d you do it?
  • Olivia is a Junior in highschool, she is very athletic and plays lots of sports such as basketball and tennis. Olivia is depressed and has to take 1 depressant pill each day.
  • *groans* “I feel horrible- and these stupid pills aren’t helping! Maybe if I start taking more I’ll feel better……
  • Olivia takes 2 pills instead of one, throughout the day she feels more alive and bounce then she has in a long long time. Her friends seem to enjoy her more and she has more energy to the sports she loves.
  • Hey Olivia!! Are you going to the tennis tournament? I haven’t see you at practice in a while.
  • Fudge- I spent all my money on those pills that Jill said where stronger than the aintdepressants
  • Olivia convinces her friends to start trying the drugs too, now whenever she goes out with friends she makes sure to take an extra pill.
  • Hi honey, Julia and Kaylee told me about the pills. I'm not mad I just think that rehab would be a good, healthy way to recover from those pills.
  • It's just going to meet with some doctors twice a week, and if it goes well for a few months maybe you can start going once a week. Even if you are not taking the pills it's important that you don't relapse and go back to the pills. About %31 kids your age experience drug addiction and I want to help you recover like they did!
  • But mom I don't need rehab! What even is rehab!?!? I'm fine, I've stopped taking the pills
  • After going a few days without the pils Olivia starts to take more and more to feel happy again, She also is becoming moody and less patient. Her room and life is slowly becoming a mess but Olivia refuses to acknowledge it.
  • As time goes on Olivia has start to become dependent on the depressents, she even spends her own money getting other illegal drugs that make her feel the same way, and her friends are starting to worry.
  • I’m busy- sorry. And plus I dunno if I can even afford to go-
  • Olivia's friends reach out to her mom because they're concerned and Olivia's mom sets up rehab for her. After some fighting Olivia realizes she has to go.