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Book Project
Updated: 12/7/2018
Book Project
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  • I need to get back to Portland and follow our leads there. You need to take care of things here. Take her out back and finish her off. 
  • She doesn't know anything.
  • But she is only a kid
  • A kid? If she talks to the cops, she could get us both sent to death row. It's either her or us. It's that simple. 
  • meow
  • *walks fastly*
  • Let's go!
  • She wakes up on an old, wooden floor. She has no idea where, what, or who she is. She can hear two older men talking to each other. She decides to keep her eyes shut because she is scared what she will see. 
  • *shaking intensely* 
  • Hurry back!
  • She noticed that her fingers were sore, so she looked at them and her fingernails were gone. Then all of a sudden one of the men nudged her side and told her to get up, but she didn't get up. 
  • *snores loudly*
  • What do I do? He has a gun and I have nothing!
  • The man kicked her harder this time. This time she got up and the man was being more aggressive now. He told her that they were going to take a walk, but they only stepped outside the front door.
  • I have to go before he wakes up!
  • The older man leaves and the girl and the younger man watch as he leaves the cabin. He is headed to Portland.
  • She has a plan. 
  • The girl and the man go back inside. As they are waiting for the other man to get back, he falls asleep. 
  • She decides that she needs to make a run for it otherwise she could be finished off. She runs outside and starts to run. Even though she has no idea where she is going because she doesn't remember anything at all.
  • *running*
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