Penelope's Test
Updated: 2/22/2021
Penelope's Test

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  • Penelope's Test: Beautify Odysseus
  • Penelope's Test: Greeting Penelope 
  • Penelope's Test: Penelope Does Not Believe
  • Odysseus had Athena lend him beauty all the way from his head down to his heels to greet his wife after all these years of him being away.
  • Penelope's Test: Odysseus is Stunned
  • How do you not believe it is me???
  • Penelope did not recognize Odysseus at first sight. Even then, she still did not believe that it was really him since it has been so long since he has been in Ithaca and she has had many suitors pose as him before.
  • Penelope's Test: The Test
  • Penelope was starting to get upset with Odysseus because he kept insisting it was truly him, to the point where she wanted him to sleep outside.
  • Penelope's Test: The End
  • I am so happy to be reunited with you again!!
  • Odysseus is stunned by what Penelope has said and Odysseus is offended saying that he was the only one that was able to make the bed and no one else could do it but him.
  • The only way to prove Penelope that he was truly Odysseus was that he had to make her the room with his own handssince they were the only ones who knew about it. He moved the stone walls by himself which proved he was Odysseus.
  • Penelope finally believed that Odysseus was truly himself and they were happy to finally be together after all of these years separated.