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Updated: 2/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Plymouth
  • We are the Pilgrims we are going to Virginia.Who founded - The Pilgrims (Separatist)Why - religious freedom and a storm blew the Mayflower off course and it went north to Massachusetts +1 fact - They meant to go to Virginia but the storm Blew them off track, and they went to Plymouth instead of Virginia.
  • Massachusetts Bay
  • We want freedom!!!important person: John Winthrop reason for founding: They wanted religious freedom+1 fact A small fleet of eleven ships with about 1,000 passengers arrived in Massachusetts Bay.
  • Rhode Island
  • This is not right
  • Wip !!!
  • 2 important people: Roger William and another is Anne Hutchinson.+1 fact: Roger William felt it was wrong to punish people for beliefs that differed from those of the Puritan leaders.
  • Connecticut
  • Reason for founding: As more and more people began traveling to the northeast region the need for usable farmland arose.Founder- Reverend Thomas +1 fact A fishing colony was also established in the region, when John Mason was granted land in the area.
  • New Hampshire
  • Where: New Hampshire is above Massachusetts.Why: They wanted to come because they wanted fortunes+1 fact In 1675 King Philip’s War began.
  • New Hamsphire
  • Settlers and Native Americans
  • The relationship with the pilgrims and the Native Americans were amazing.King Philip's wanted the people to stop taking their land so you asked for help some said no others said yes.