Macbeth plot sumary

Updated: 1/9/2021
Macbeth plot sumary

Storyboard Text

  • You will soon become the man on throne!
  • Descendant of you Banquo, will someday be King
  • Oh! Greetings Macbeth, we've been expecting you two. we can predict the future Mr. Thane of Codor.
  • You are granted Macbeth! The new Thane of Codor! for your bravery on the field!
  • They are right!
  • I will become King!
  • I shall drunk the guards so macbeth can sneak through to kill the King!
  • the weird sisters predict that...What happened was...
  • Should we really do this, KIng Dunken has just promoted me...
  • OH dear king, you've done me well but I have decided that sympathy wont stop me!
  • Thane of codor, King Dunken was killed last night in his sleep!
  • What? You fools! I shall kill you for your fault!
  • oh dear, are we doing this right?
  • The one you should be loyal to is me, not the King!