New Cinderella
Updated: 5/18/2020
New Cinderella

Storyboard Text

  • My name is Ella, short for Cinderella and after my father died I started living here working for my family. 
  • This picture was taken after I had lost my mother and when my father married my step-mother who has two daughters of her own.
  • ¨Cinderella, my daughters and I are leaving so you must clean the whole house and have dinner ready for us once we come back¨.
  • ¨Yes, mother.¨
  • Each day at night I would be someone new and this is where I met Jamie.
  • Hello
  • hmmm...
  • As the days went by I talked to Jamie each night when we would meet up. Yet little did we know that we were being followed.
  • ¨WAIT!!!¨
  • ¨I´m sorry I have to go¨
  • ¨Follow me¨
  • ¨It´s nothing, I just wanted to help¨
  • There she is, like i told you she was!!
  • ¨thank you..¨
  • ¨No.¨
  • After she helped me escape from the place and my step mother, I trusted her but I haven´t seen her since then.
  • WHAT?!?! RICH!!!
  • She will not leave with you but leave with me as my wife. Truth be told I´m rich and didn´t say anything so Cinderella wouldn´t just be with me for money.
  • Lets go, Cinderella.
  • From that day on, I learned not to be so gullible and that day I left my family for good and married Jamie.