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Updated: 3/17/2021
Unknown Story

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  • OMG theres pollution everywhere and its all because of that dumb powerplant
  • Im going to protest with my buddies in front of the White House
  • Eh, We wont get any change from them, lets do it ourselves.
  • Many hopeless animals die because it is either to cold or hot for them to liveCHANGE!
  • Organizations that are against global warming.-US EPA-NOAA Education
  • This can be a great start!
  • Hey, Lets use this tips and try to reduce our carbon footprint
  • US EPA TIPS TO REDUCE GLOBAL WARMING- Use solar power instead of gas or oil powered homes-Get appliances that are energy efficient-Speak Up-Turn off electricity you are not using
  • Now that I am done setting up my house, I did yours as well
  • Thanks!
  • It took awhile but we finally made the change we wanted
  • Yeah, Now all the houses in the town run on solar power
  • I wonder why no one thought about how useful this will be