number the stars chapter summery
Updated: 2/5/2021
number the stars chapter summery

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  • chapter one: Why are you running?by Victor TerencioThe chapter has characteristics and physical features of the characters throughout the chapter.first Annemarie challenges Ellen to race to the cornerof the street. Then a solder on the street corner yells halte! The solders ask Annemaire why she was runningand she answers truthfully, and same goes the same for the other questions. Afterward the solders let them go and they went home. Kirsti tells their mother what happened and Annemaire explains. Also they get illegalnewspapers about wars and sabotages from Peter. finally, they were told to walk a different path home from now on. This ends the chapter.
  • race ya!
  • wait up!
  • we were racing.
  • halte! why are you running?
  • we ran into some solders
  • what is she talking about?
  • I was called pretty
  • O.K
  • don't walk that way
  • there really touchy because of the recent sabotages.
  • peter gave us a illegal newspaper.
  • how do you know that?