Chapter 14 Story Board 1

Updated: 5/13/2020
Chapter 14 Story Board 1

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  • 1378-1417 The Catholic Church had many sides competing for power. In 1378, the two centers of power were Avignon and Rome. The sides split and elected different popes, which caused confusion among Christian followers. This split is known as the Great Schism.The schism ended in 1417 when the church officials removed the French Pope and had the Roman pope resign.
  • No, I should. You are using your political power.
  • I should have more power because I am the French King
  • After the Great Schism ended... The Church owned about one-fifth to one-third of Europe. Critics and reformers disliked how the church made and spent their money. The church would sell indulgences and force people who lived outside of Italy to pay taxes. The popes would spend a lot of money supporting the arts and for their own pleasure.
  • This indulgence is a relaxation of earthly penalty for sin and it's for SALE!!!!
  • If I buy this, I can avoid punishment in the afterlife. Yay!
  • Martin Luther Martin Luther was one of the reformers who didn't agree with the church. He tried to follow the church as instructed but felt that he was a sinner and would be punished by God. He questioned these thoughts and decided it could be won through good works of writing.
  • Ninety-Five Thesis Luther's ideas led to conflict with the Catholic Church. When the church tried to sell more indulgences Luther disapproved and wrote all his disputes in the Ninety-Five Thesis.
  • 95 Thesis
  • I disapprove of selling indulgences.
  • Luther's Ideas Spread Over time, Martin Luther's ideas quickly spread. Priests who approved of his ideas gave the message to their churches.
  • This is called the Ninety-Five Thesis. It was written by Martin Luther and includes all his disagreements with how the Catholic Church runs.
  • Wow, I agree. I have to go tell everyone I know.
  • Thesis
  • 95
  • This thesis has been printed so many times that I bet the whole world will be able to see this.
  • The Printing Press Martin Luther's ideas also spread through the printing press. His Ninety-Five Thesis was printed in many different languages and read all around the world.