Updated: 5/15/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, did you know that the first computer took up an entire room?
  • No! How did it evolve further?
  • What about the third generation?
  • Well, in 1977, apple had made a new computer called the microcomputer, which is basically a normal computer, But much less advanced.
  • The next generation was much more like the computers we have today. They use what we call integrated circuits.
  • What are those?
  • The definition of an integrated circuit is an electronic circuit formed on a small piece of semiconducting material, performing the same function as a larger circuit made from discrete components.
  • So every computer has one of these circuits in them? I wonder how they got so small...
  • And in the future... Computers will use us to do their will.
  • Oh no, Ive let your mind wander too far.