The Three Little Pigs With a Twist - Elijah Neill
Updated: 6/22/2020
The Three Little Pigs With a Twist - Elijah Neill
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  • Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. One had a house made of straw, the other has a house made out of sticks. The final pig had a brick house.
  • We cant just let him take our food like that, plus im already hungry! I'll go see if I can talk to him.
  • In a cave not too far away from the pig's houses lived a pack of wolves. Usually the wolves were fine with the pigs, however two of the wolves really disliked the pigs. However, they had witnessed one of the pigs stealing some of the food from their garden. They went to tell their friend, making sure to exaggerate the details to make it seem even worse for the pigs.
  • Ya, I think it was the pig in the straw house
  • Hey man, we just saw one of those pigs steal stuff from the garden
  • Hey little pig, I heard you took all of our food! How about you give it back, or youll have to help us get more!
  • Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down
  • No, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!
  • Hey man, Im being chased by an angry wolf thats trying to eat me! Do you think I can hide with you?
  • Ill do anything, I can even pay you!
  • The little pig then goes to visit his friend to see if he can hide with him.
  • I dont know man, it seems awful risky. Plus, the wolves have never been mean to us.
  • Ok man, I'll help you out.
  • I found you again little pig! This time you cant run away! Now both of you will have to help!
  • The wolf once again found the pig, but this time he brought the two friends!
  • I may have told a slight fib.
  • What? I thought he was trying to eat you for no reason!
  • In the end, the wolf found that his friends may have over exagerated the amount taken because they were biased against the pigs. This made the wolf realize that he shouldnt have just listened and should have looked himself. The two pigs had to help with the garden, and the one learned that he shouldnt take bribes, and should always look for the facts himself instead of completely believing what someone says, especially when he is unsure about it.
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