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Whats happening to Earth
Updated: 4/20/2020
Whats happening to Earth
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Storyboard Description

This storyboard is about an alien and his robot companion traveling through space looking at Earth and what happens to it when they pass by the moon the Sun and of course Earth. This storyboard was created to show how the different positions of the planets affect Earth.

Storyboard Text

  • Hurry we must leave at once
  • A crescent moon
  • Why look there
  • wow the planets are all lined up. must be a spring tide.
  • Everything orbits the Sun, the Sun's gravitational pull keeps everything in orbit, you see?
  • like now it would be a neap tide because of where the moon and Sun are.
  • There are eight different Moon phases. This would be a waxing crestent moon because it is after new moon and before the 1st quarter of the phases
  • Its amazing that everything counts on where they are in relation with other planets.
  • Whenthe Moon, Sun and Earth are all in a straight line this creates the spring tides, these happen twice a month on a new or full moon.
  • The Moons gravitational pull towards Earth creates the different tides. As the Earth orbits the Sun it also rotates creating day and night.
  • The neap tides are not as strong as the spring tides and that's why you can barely even tell anything is happening in the oceans, this also happens twice a month.
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