Consequences of Stress
Updated: 2/3/2020
Consequences of Stress
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Three issues today that help or prevent children from coping with stress are education, resources, and support. Children need to be educated about self regulation, coping strategies, and understanding their feelings (emotional intelligence). Resources such as self-care options (sports, hobbies, extra curriculars, etc.) and technology can be used to manage stress or can negatively add to stress levels. Children need support form family, friends, teachers, and professionals to help guide and help them deal with stressful feelings and situations.

Storyboard Text

  • Just one more level...
  • "If you don't sit by me then you're not my friend!"
  • That isn't very nice...
  • "I wish my mom and dad were around more and didn't have to work as much."
  • Johnny spends hours a day playing video games because he doesn't have other hobbies he likes to do. He sleeps less and is becoming more aggressive.
  • This is so much fun!
  • When frustrated, Johnny overreacts and yells at friends when things don't go his way. He does not know how to regulate his emotions and his peers don't want to be his friend.
  • "Hey Carol, come sit by me!"
  • "That's okay, maybe tomorrow!"
  • "I promised Cindy I'd sit by her today. Sorry Johnny!"
  • Johnny's parents work late, so he is frequently left home alone. His loneliness causes him to become depressed and withdrawn.
  • Instead of screen time, Johnny plays basketball outside with his friend. This reduces his stress and he feels happier.
  • Johnny lets this conflict roll off his shoulders because he knows how to self regulate. His peers are not hurt and are still his friends.
  • Johnny's family spends quality time with him each night. He feels supported and loved.
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