Updated: 3/12/2020

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  • Only has one bus going into Rochina
  • Rochina
  • There are over 120,000 people living in Rochina
  • Dharavi
  • Compared to Dharavi, the houses are much more stable and clean.
  • Felipe
  • The houses in Rochina are mainly made out of concrete.There is electricity in Rochina, which is much better than Dharavi.
  • Rochina
  • Although, the a lot of the houses in Rochina are a lot better than in Dharavi, there are also some negative facts about Rochina that Dharavi doesn't have. The main negative fact is that there are a lot of drug gangs and crime in Rochina. Therefore, Rochina is a dangerous place to live in and even the police have difficulty in taking care of the gangs. The majority of people who live outside of the slum feel embarrassed of the gun shots from the police. One of the people that I will be talking about, feels this way.
  • Negatives of Rochina
  • Clothilda
  • Leandro is 13 years old and has lived in Rochina since he was born. He earns a little bit of money buy guarding a rich mans car and gives moat of the money to his money. This may sound dreadful but he also explains that he goes to school and ' I play football and fly my kite on the roof with my brother and my mates.' This shows that he enjoyed living in Rochina.
  • Peoples different opinions in Rochina.
  • Leandro
  • Felipe is a rich businessman that lives in Gavea. He feels embarrassed of the slum, especially when visitors come to visit Rio because he doesn't doesn't want them to hear the gunshots in the favelas. Felipe also has a swimming pool and he took a ride in one of the cable cars and said that the favelas ruined the view and that he wants it to be demolished. He clearly does not like the slum and I personally think he is rude and only cares about his life.
  • Clothilda is 33 years old, lives in Rochina and has three children. She is a cleaner and works in rich peoples apartments. She says that the fresh food is very expensive but they won't move anywhere different now because she has made many friends. Clothilda also reads her friends fortunes at the weekend for a part-time job. She said that the favelas are better than they were before because now they they have youth clubs to keep the children busy. I think that Clothilda doesn't mind living in the favelas and that she is starting to enjoy being there.