bell cricket
Updated: 12/17/2019
bell cricket
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  • Exposition
  • ooo a grass hopper
  • Conflict
  • a rare small brown cricket?
  • not a grass hopper it's a bell cricket
  • Rising Action
  • oh wow! a bell cricket!
  • yes! it's a bell cricket
  • a boy found a grass hopper by the tree
  • Climax
  • yeah and pretty rare!
  • but it was not a grass hopper it was a bell cricket
  • Falling Action
  • it's cool there's not that many in the world
  • the girl told him it was a bell cricket he was really happy to know what it was
  • Resolution
  • i love bell crickets there small and cute!
  • i like bell crickets there so small and brown
  • they talked about the bell cricket being rare
  • there's not that many bell crickets in the world
  • oh wow!
  • she talked about them being small and cute
  • yea!!
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