Updated: 4/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Cy! What are you doing here?
  • Oh! Hi Kalix. I'm just walking around with my dog.
  • Did you here about the Astra Zeneca Vaccine?
  • What about it?
  • I saw it on Facebook and I heard it from people in our town and they got scared to be vaccinated with that.
  • People who got vaccinated by Astra Zeneca will become a zombie.
  • WHAT!? Where did you get that information?
  • ........
  • Wait, I'll just look for a legit website about that.
  • Oh! My bad HAHA. I almost kinda want to tell my family about that fake rumor haha. So gald I came across you today! Hahaha
  • Based on data provided by the manufacturer, the Astrazeneca-Oxford vaccine, or AZD1222, has shown to be 63% effective in an ongoing, large-scale clinical trial.The Astrazeneca-Oxford vaccine has been listed for emergency use by the WHO and is safe and effective based on data from large-scale clinical trials.A widely used COVID-19 vaccine that's at least 50% effective could help control the pandemic.
  • Oh see? I told you. You must not believe rumors without proof. Facebook is not a legit source of information. You should know how to identify if the information your are reading is true or just a fake news.
  • Okay Mom! Cy, Thank you for today. I enjoy having a little chat with you. See you around. Bye!
  • Your Welcome Kalix. See you around too! Be safe! Bye!
  • Kalix, Let's go home. It's going late.