Comp. Choice no. 8
Updated: 2/1/2021
Comp. Choice no. 8

Storyboard Text

  • Officer Delinko we need you at East Oriole Ave. now please.
  • Now where are those cigarettes?
  • Put your hands up! What is your name!
  • NO I Will not put my hands up. And I am Roy Eberhart sir.
  • Alright let's go!
  • Catch me If you can fatty!
  • You are coming to the slammer with me son.
  • It wasn't me I swear.
  • Get him sir get him.
  • This is important to the story because it is when they supposedly find the culprit for who is vandalizing the construction site. But they did not get the right person they got Dana Matherson not The right guy. Even though Dana did lie about his name it was not him.