Changes come to the West

Updated: 10/6/2021
Changes come to the West

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  • Ghost towns were a big change in the West while building the Transcontinental Railroad. Miners would go through ghost towns, which were once boomtowns, and raid all of the gold that were in the mines. Once they had taken all of the gold, they would leave. Eventually the town that was once very populated and doing very well financially, would become a ghost town and lose everything like the picture above.
  • Another big change in the west was
  • The last big vhange in the west was racsism. chinese discrimination was very brutal for the chinese workers. chinsease came to the us looking for the gold mines that everyone was talking about. instead, they came to the us and were forced to do the white peoples dirty work for practically nothing inn return. one of the chores that the whites made the chinese do was all of their farming.