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Updated: 9/28/2021
Unknown Story

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  • i need help with this math problem, whats the answer
  • hey bro
  • hey man
  • What makes you think i know anything about math?
  • Bro im a police office what possibly makes you think i would know functions
  • well since your indian, you should know math i mean every indian knows math.
  • BRO, you know more than 30% of india is un educated makes more than 30% not good at math, not including the other indians out in foreign countries who arent good at math.
  • damn so its just a stereotype and not a fact?
  • so you dont know math, damn that makes 1 indian out of 100 million billion trillion.
  • god these stereotypes are so annoying. i gotta control my anger, inner peace...... inner peace....... inner peace........*breathes in* *breates out*
  • is this guy doing alright?
  • look at this picture, do these people look like they know math?
  • guess what, before the school in their area opened they didnt.
  • no they dont
  • dont use these stupid stereotypes man theyre not cool, its like saying white people cant jump
  • its ok bro
  • sorry bro i wont use stereotypes again