MAAN act 4 scene 2 & act 5 scene 1 & act 5 scene 2 & act 5 scene 3
Updated: 3/30/2021
MAAN act 4 scene 2 & act 5 scene 1 & act 5 scene 2 & act 5 scene 3

Storyboard Text

  • Sexton, Borachio, Conrade and watchmen
  • Act 5 scene 1
  • Borachio and Claudio
  • The sexton questions Borachio and Conrade/. The watchman reveals what they know about Don John plans to shame Hero. The Sexton announces that Don John has fled and that Hero has died.
  • Act 5 scene 2
  • Leonato is extremely upset that Hero has been disgraced. Leonato and Antonio challenge Claudio to a duel. Benedick enters and also challenges Claudio to a duel.
  • Ursula
  • Dogberry and Verges arrive with Borachio and he confesses to tricking Claudia and Don Pedro into thinking Hero was cheating on him. Claudio begs Leonato to forgive him and agrees to marry Antonio daughter.
  • Act 5 scene 3
  • Benedick tries to write a love poem for Beatrice. Benedick that he has challenged Claudio.
  • Ursula brings news of Hero's innocence and that Don John was responsible for what happened.
  • Claudio mourns at Hero's tomb. Claudio and Don Pedro depart to prepare for Claudio wedding.