My Story Arron Miller Copy

Updated: 10/1/2021
My Story Arron Miller Copy

Storyboard Text

  • Jet Kene and his sister Jena are graduates of the Imperial Academy and both became tie fighter pilots for the empire.
  • Jet’s squadron was sent to a distant planet to stop a rebel terrorist group.they find that they were only civilians but the rest of the squadron followed orders and executed the civilians while Jet just stood and watched.
  • Jet defects from the empire and finds a rebel fleet and surrenders.Jet gains the rebellions trust and joins Angel Squadron where he meets his new friends.
  • One year passes and Jet is captain of Angel Squadron.The Empire discovers the rebel fleet's location and there's a battle.
  • Both Jet and Jena’s ships crash on the nearby planet and they fight. Jet defeats his sister and asks him to join her.
  • Jet and Jena fix the tie fighter and fly back to the rebel fleet. Jet's sister is found useful to the rebellion and is taken in.