Nareh H. - Unit Phenomenon
Updated: 2/8/2021
Nareh H. - Unit Phenomenon

Storyboard Description

Why are penguins becoming more and more endangered?

Storyboard Text

  • Ice is melting, causing krill and plankton population to decrease, which penguins rely on as food. Without their food, penguins are starting to die out.
  • Penguins are becoming endangered because of climate change.
  • Here you can see that the heat from the sun is going on Earth, but not all the heat gets bounced back, some of the heat gets in the Earth’s atmosphere. This is because of CO2 in the atmosphere. When we pollute more and more, we release more CO2, causing temperatures to rise. When the temperatures rise, our ice melts.
  • This is coal. Coal is a type of Nonrenewable Energy. People use too much of these energy sources, causing pollution and releasing CO2 in the air, causing the atmosphere to thicken and warm the Earth.
  • See? In this picture you can see the smoke coming out of the factory. This can show thermal heat heat being transferred into another energy form. This pollution is releasing CO2 in the air, warming the Earth.
  • Heat transfers from the Sun to the Earth, making it warm. Heat also transfers into the ice, making it melt as well.
  • We can do things like polluting less, recycling. We can also develop ways to live with climate change, such as crops that can adapt to warmer temperatures. Finally, we can use things like solar energy or windmills for electricity.
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