kitchen safety
Updated: 2/5/2021
kitchen safety

Storyboard Text

  • While in the kitchen making macaroni, Johnny was carrying the pot of water to the sink
  • While walking, Johnny slipped on his flip flops causing him to spill the water from the pan as well as drop the pan
  • Johnny, are you okay?
  • The spilling of the water also caused Johnny to slip and fall,Following the sound of the fall..Johnny's mom came to check on him.
  • Johnny's mom helped him up and had him come to the living room to give him a gift to help him understand kitchen safety
  • Johnny tried to explain to his mom that flip flops were okay, however, Johnny's mom explained that while yes flip flops are fun... closed-toe shoes should be worn to prevent tripping over your own feet. To help him understand that, Johnny's mother gave him a new pair of nonslip tennis shoes.
  • Johnny tried on his new shoes and loved them.. He understands now that flip flops are not safe for the kitchen and closed-toed shoes(preferably nonslip) are best. Johnny's mom also helped him clean up his spill with a towel so that no one else was at risk of slipping.