Harbor me 2
Updated: 3/2/2021
Harbor me 2

Storyboard Text

  • But in Japanese it means ‘Not Really.’ I think if we were Japanese, I’d be real mad about my name.
  • There are a bunch of kids who aren’t very nice here. The ones that call me Casper and Wonder-bread and Ghostboy and Paleface and other names I don’t even want to say.
  • This guy yelled at us, ‘This is America! Speak English!
  • Amari decided to talk into the recorder.
  • Holly is a rich girl. Everybody knows that.
  • Ashton decides to talk.
  • The thing I have never told you guys is that my dad is in prison.
  • With Esteban still missing, Tiago decides to share.
  • He is in the Dominican Republic with his family
  • Holly gets new sneakers.
  • Finally, Haley gets up and tells her story.
  • Esteban was gone.