Pauls life
Updated: 5/18/2020
Pauls life

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  • Early Life
  • Early Life
  • Converted to Christianity
  • Paul would go to chruch a lot when he was a kid and sang along with everyone.
  • Missonary Work
  • he would write important letters to people but most of the stuff he wrote were stuff in what he believed in.
  • how he was caught
  • He was converted to christianity on the road of damascus he travled tens of thousands of miles around the mediterreanean.
  • how he died
  • spread the word of god
  • Paul was good at spreading things around the world an preaching. he was also very good at remembering scripture.
  • he was caught by roman centurions while he was preaching.
  • he was decapitated and died. we do not know what the date was but we know he was decpaitated.