Fractured Fairytales
Updated: 11/13/2020
Fractured Fairytales

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  • A long time ago lived a girl named Rapunzel, who is stuck living in this tower with her grandmother. 
  • I hate living here! Can I please leave and see the lanterns for my birthday?
  • I don't care! The world is a scary place and you need to stay inside. I need to go run errands, you better not leave. 
  • As the grandmother walked by, a little girl in a red cape walked past and smiled. The girl thought she recognized the lady, but it was too fast to tell. 
  • Rapunzel ran to her room and cried out for someone to rescue her. All she wanted in life was to leave the tower.
  • And just as she cried out, she heard a little voice singing outside the tower. 
  • Just as Rapunzel rushed to the window, the singing voice approached the door and knocked on her tower.
  • "Well who are you?" Rapunzel asked." How did you get in here? "
  • "Well I just walked in." replied Little Red. "The door was open and I wanted to explore before heading home. Good thing I did because I found you!"