Updated: 1/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • It all started 14 million years ago, a big explosion that created the universe which started to expand.
  • Space grew hot and quickly. As space started to cool down over time, matter formed.
  • Tiny particles called protons were made and then these made up atoms, the building blocks of everything.
  • 200 million years later the first giant star formed. Their gravity pulled in matter to form galaxies.
  • The heavier elements made by the earlier stars helped form the planets today.
  • Any additional information Mr. Science
  • From the explosion, the energy was produced. Also, particles and antiparticles destroy each other and get turned back into energy.
  • But some matter is left over. Those leftovers from protons and neutrons but the universe heat is too much to form atoms. It took 380,000 years for the universe to cool and atoms could form.