Updated: 3/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I have no school because I'm poor. Oh, if only I had a teacher!
  • Horace Mann? What are you doing here‽
  • I'm here to get you to school, Charlie!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, creating a public school system will transform the unruly hooligans of today's age into respectable democrats.
  • Allow me to demonstrate.
  • Charlie, why do we vote?
  • He does have a point...
  • Umm. Errr. Uhh.
  • We want schools!
  • Charlie, what are the roots of 2x²+5x+3?
  • And now we apply a dose of education
  • -3/2 and -1
  • I want education!
  • Enjoy your public school!
  • Thanks, Horace!