Hansel and gretel
Updated: 5/8/2020
Hansel and gretel

Storyboard Text

  • Hanzel and gretel herard about there step mom talking about getting rid of them because they did not have much food so they were going to abandon them in the woods and hanzel found these rocks that shine so he put them in his coat pocket
  • They left them there and hansel and gretel threw the rocks out of the vehicle waited until night and followed the rocks and they let the kids back in then left them in the woods agian and the dad said he was going to cut wood then they left so they tried to come home agian and fell deeper into the woods
  • They found a witches house and i was made out of candy do the witch let them in and her plan was to eat hanzel and she told gretel and hey both made him good food to eat them the witch told gretel to check the oven s get in it she said "i dont know how" so the witch went in then gretel pushed her she told hanze that she killed the witch and they went home to her dad