Out of My Mind
Updated: 5/31/2020
Out of My Mind
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  • Is this man stupid, he must be.
  • it is in my opinion that Melody is severely brain-damaged and profoundly retarded.'
  • “I’m taking you right now and enrolling you at Spaulding Street Elementary School,”
  • Fist Bump
  • Happy 8th Birthday!
  • A puppy! A golden retriever puppy!"
  • Awe, Chuck!
  • Melody's mother wanted to enroll her to a school. So, when Melody was five years old, her mother took her to a doctor whose job was to determine how smart she was. He gave her a test and she failed it because she answered the inner meaning of it. Doctor Hugely said that she was retarded and Melody's mother was super upset.
  • She is so adorable, I'm so happy.
  • Penny look, papa is crying tears of joy for you! And Melody is so happy to see you!
  • After that unpleasant appointment, Melody's mom didn't stop her from being held back from school. Instead, she followed her gut and was going to enroll her into a school because she knew Melody had a load of smarts. She wasn't going to underestimate her because of her condition like Dr. Hugely.
  • Welcome to Medi-Talker!
  • Ah! I'm so excited to use my Meditalker, I will name it... Elvira
  • Woah! Now isn't this cool Mello Yellow?
  • Go Melody
  • When Melody was eight years old, her father bought her a puppy. A golden retriever! She named it Butterscotch like the candy. Melody and Butterscotch got along so well, Butterscotch knew when Melody was upset or angry or not feeling too well. It was the best birthday Melody ever had.
  • You can do this!
  • Mr Dimming's 5th Grade
  • Homework is due on FridayCome take the practice test to see if you can make it into the team and go to Washington DCBe kind!
  • This is way too easy!
  • Huh? Melody is participating?
  • Grade Papers
  • When Melody's sister, Penny was born she was a healthy and perfect baby. She wasn't like Melody, this was a very important milestone in the family's life. However, Melody thought if it would be easier without a messed up child and one perfect and healthy child.
  • Melody was so happy for her Medi-Talker to finally arrive after weeks of waiting. She was so excited to go to school and finally be able to talk to people! She got all of her phrases ready like; “Hi! I’m Melody.Talk to me!” Before school started.
  • Melody and her class took a challenging test to see who would get into a competition against other schools. She passed it and got 100%! Mr. Dimming even said, 'When Melody Brooks took that little practice quiz last week, I thought it was a lucky accident that she did so well. But yesterday, Melody blew us all away. She got every single question right."
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