Intro to Plantagenets
Updated: 2/9/2021
Intro to Plantagenets

Storyboard Text

  • The White Ship sank in the English Channel
  • Sire! The ship carrying your son has sunk.
  • I have lost my heir to the throne.
  • The barons (powerful land owners) swore loyalty to Matilda
  • Matilda my daughter, will you be my heir?
  • I will father.
  • Matilda may be my cousin but a woman cannot rule England
  • Stephen crowned himself as King of England.
  • My lord, Henry I is dead!
  • Stephen rewarded his followers with money, but did not share it fairly.
  • Unfair!
  • Some barons re-joined Matilda and the resulting civil war is known as The Anarchy
  • Realising that the people of England were tired of war he began to negotiate peace with the barons.