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Yannetta Final Storyboard
Updated: 5/21/2020
Yannetta Final Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Status Quo
  • The test is tomorrow and I don't know anything! Ughh.
  • Call to Action and Assistance
  • What the heck??! Who are you and what do you want??
  • I am from the future and I will help you to defeat the evil Zordak! The future of our world is at stake.
  • Departure
  • I will help! Now where are we?
  • This is Zordak's lair. We need to retrieve the lost keytag for the country's treasury before Zordak uses it.
  • Approach the Darkest Cave
  • We managed to make it to his office! Now where is the keytag?
  • I can go under them. Fingers crossed...
  • I see it! But we will set off the lasers.
  • Crisis
  • Oh no! I set off the alarm. The guards will be here soon!
  • Now Zordak will discover us! I HAVE to think of something.
  • Treasure
  • Yes! We have the key tag and we didn't get caught! Thank you for thinking of something.
  • I just had to guess the alarm password; it was so easy to guess:Money.
  • We stopped him from stealing and saved the day! Let's get out of here.
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