Updated: 5/13/2020
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1. Kareshmene 2. Crystal 3. Yasmin 5. Praialini 6. Wawa 7. Sandy 8. Masyitah

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  • HELP AVAILABLE:1. PRIHATIN2. MOM meals3. 6 months loan deferment4. Free 1 GB internet 8 am to 6 pm
  • AFFECTS:1. Class attendance 2. Can't contribute much to group works3. Can't proceed with assignments4. Level understanding of lessons become decline
  • AFFECTS: 1. Ariana feels frustrated with her WiFi connection.2. She feels upset and unfair feelings
  • WAYS:1. Ariana can share herneighbour's WiFi 2. free 1 GB data given duringthe day from 8 am to 6 pm
  • RISK:1. her neighbour will be going on a family trip or going to visit their hometown2. coverage will be low and may lead to disconnection
  • ALTERNATIVES:1. She can use her parent's hotspot2. Register for a post-paid plan
  • ISSUE: Wifi problemCAUSED BY: Broken home, no money to install WiFi, can't even buy mobile data.ROLE: To carefully explore the facts of the problem in an objective way
  • OPPORTUNITIES:1. learn how to manage the internet quota wisely by consuming it as the access is limited
  • ISSUE: Wifi problemEFFECTS: Ariana feels exasperate, frustrated and upset ROLE:To think instinctively and explore intuitive feelings and hunches
  • HELP ARIANA SEEKS FOR: 1. Share her neighbour’s WiFi2. Split her group work efficiently, based on member's accessibility to the Internet
  • ISSUE: Wifi problemRISKS: Ariana Look at a decision's potentially negative outcomesROLE:To cautiously evaluate proposals and identify flaws and weakness
  • AWAYS:1) Ariana brainstorms some ideas for her flow action to solve the Wifi Problems
  • ISSUE: Wifi problemEFFECTS: The probe of value can be benefited and positive explored with deliberate search. ROLE: To explore opportunities for making the most of proposed ideas.
  • 2. To spend more time on studies instead of social media application without distraction3. Appreciate the time period in building a good relationship with her family
  • ISSUE: Wifi problemEFFECTS: Affects her involvement in online learningROLE: To challenge perspectives and explore creatives possibilities
  • ISSUE: Wifi problemEFFECTS: Ariana reviewing her thinking process by using HATS thinking skills to solve her problems.ROLE: To organize ideas, plans and future actions, based as gathers from the other thinking hats.
  • 2) Ariana uses (White HAT) thinking 3) Ariana uses the (Green HAT) thinking4) Ariana is aware that her neighbor is going to visit their hometown during weekends (Black HAT).5) Ariana starts to feel anxious (Red HAT)6) Ariana manage the internet quota wisely by spending less time with media social.
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