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Updated: 11/22/2020
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  • Rashi-ZimorahQ:What does it mean a branch?A:The took a branch with fruit connected to it.
  • Rashi-Vayisuhu Bimit BashnayhemQ:What is Nashim reffering to besides two people?A:There was 8 people caring two poles of grapes.
  • Rashi-Vayelchu VayevohuQ:Why does the pasuk need to say they came and went?A: Just like they left with bad intentions they also returned with bad intentions
  • OMG!!!! I'm soooo scared. They were so mean to us before...
  • Did you hear??? The Meraglim said that the Amalekim are in E"Y!!!!
  • Rashi-Chalav U'Devash:The Meraglim mentioned that the land was flowing with milk and honey. They hadn't intended to compliment the land but they slipped up.
  • Rashi-BiratzosQ: What does the word "Biratzos" mean?A:It means a circular fortress.
  • Rashi-Amalek Yoshev:Q:Why did they mention Amalek?A:To scare B"Y since they had experienced by from Amalek before.
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