The nutcracker
Updated: 1/12/2020
The nutcracker
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  • How's my poor Nutcraker? I want to see him now.
  • What's happening to the table?Why's everything big?
  • After the Christmas Eve party Clara and Fritz are tired and go to bed. But Clara can't sleep because she is thinking.
  • What big mice!
  • Oh no! Where can I go?
  • Fritz's toy soldiers! They're going to help me. They're going to fight.
  • What's happening? The toy soldiers needs a captain. Let's fight the mice together!
  • The big mice see Clara and run towards her
  • The Mouse King is very strong and the Nutcracker is very brave but the Nutcracker falls over the mouse King's long tail.
  • I'm afraid to open my eyes. What's happening here? Where is my wonderful Nutcracker?
  • Then takes off her pink shoe and throws it at the Mouse.
  • Oh my poor Nutcracker! I must help him...but how?
  • Now perhaps I can open my eyes
  • A prince? I Know you! You're my wooden Nutcracker!
  • How do you know my name?Who you are?
  • What spell?
  • Am I dreaming?I'm not in the sitting room any more. Where am I? This is magic!
  • You don't know?Oh Clara, the bad spell is broken!
  • I'm a prince
  • Hello Clara!
  • Have you got a castle?
  • Yes, now I'm not a wooden Nutcracker any more. Thanks for breaking the Mouse King
  • Of course I have. I'm the Princes of Land of Sweets
  • Now I want to take you to my castle.
  • It's the castle of the Land of Sweets
  • Today you're going to meet Gerhard
  • He's a special person. He's like a grandfather to me
  • Everyone is happy because the magic spell is broken.We want to celebrate
  • How wonderful!
  • Who's Gerhard?
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