My work
Updated: 2/4/2021
My work

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, I am magma and I am uplifting to form the igneous rock
  • Hey, Guys! I am Sahej the igneous Rock!
  • It's raining!
  • The magma forms and uplifts to form the igneous rock!
  • Sediment is falling!
  • After, a million years the rock cools down and forms.
  • So after a while it starts weathering
  • So there you go folks! This is how igneous rock formed to me the sedimentary rock!
  • How you doing down there!
  • The sediment starts falling when it started raining and lands in the water
  • Hey! I am Watson the sediment
  • Compaction and cementation happened and formed sedimentary rock
  • Hey I am Tara the sedimentary rock!
  • Finally, This is how igneous rock forms into a sedimentary rock!