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Engineering Design Process By: Anny Gomez
Updated: 9/21/2019
Engineering Design Process By: Anny Gomez
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  • Criteria= must build car in 30 minutes, must be powered by balloon, travel 30 cm, and must travel in a straight line
  • Hello class today we are going to build a balloon car
  • I want you to use the engineering process, this is 8th grade science so I expect everything to be done correctly. Oh, and class before I forget this is the criteria what must happen in your balloon car .
  • How can I build a balloon powered car? how can I solve this problem?
  • Right now I have so many ideas I already now how to build my car
  • I have a storm in my brain right now because I have so many great ideas ,but I think the car balloon's body should be made of a juice box and the wheels should be made of life savers .
  • materials list = scewers (axle) , milkshake straw (power) , straw (axle), life savers(wheels), juice box (body), balloon(power), tape&clay ( attaching materials) .
  • I couldn't make a drawing but I have a idea and I drew it in my mind and I know what i am going to
  • I should draw my balloon car so I know what is going to look like and I should also make a list of materials so I know what I am going to need
  • Hey maria, how did your balloon powered car turn out. Did it work ? Mine did it worked perfectly and met the criteria.
  • Yes, it did work and congrats on having a successful car. I also met the criteria
  • Yeah, sure that's a great idea. I agree. Let's start right now
  • Now, all need is to try and make ti better. for example I can make the car move a little faster, or make it run on commands, there is a lot of ways I can make it better
  • You are right. Maybe we can work together it improve our cars.
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