The Tempest
Updated: 3/28/2019
The Tempest
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  • Prospero demands Ariel to cause a storm out of revenge causing a ship wreck. Prospero and his daughter Miranda are on a island where his brother exiled him.
  • Miranda meets Ferdinand and falls in love at first sight. They reveal their true feelings and wants to get married. Prospero is against it at first and puts him through hard work to earn his approval.
  • Ariel's song puts them all to sleep again except for Sebastian and Antonio. Antonio who replaced his brother Prospero as Duke of Milan manipulates Sebastian, King Alonso's brother into doing the same thing by killing King Alonso. The two are about to kill Alonso in his sleep but Ariel awakens everyone and the two men quickly make excuses for drawing their swords out.
  • Caliban has a plan to kill Prospero and elicits help from his new friends. As Caliban explains that he is the rightful owner of the island, Ariel arrives and listens attentively. Caliban explains that they must burn Prospero's books, and after Prospero is dead, Stefano can marry Miranda, which will make her his queen of the island. Trinculo agrees to the plot.
  • Ariel resolves to tell Prospero of the plot against him. Prospero and Ariel hang an array of fine apparel for the men to attempt to steal, after which they render themselves invisible. The fine clothing immediately distracts Stephano and Trinculo. They want to steal it, despite the protests of Caliban, who wants to stick to the plan and kill Prospero. Stephano and Trinculo ignore him. A pack of spirits in the shape of hounds, set on by Ariel and Prospero, drives the thieves out.
  • In the end, Prospero forgives everyone that betrayed him letting them be free and going as far to giving up his magical powers even giving Ariel his freedom. As the others, they all return home to Naples.
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