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Kamila Rivas
Updated: 9/25/2020
Kamila Rivas
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  • " The 1st stop"People from diffrent regions and religions decided to come to America for a better life. But they had to go through a lot of steps. The first one is when you get one the boat. there is upper class,middle class, and lower class. A lot of people were poor so they ca only afford the streege. The bottom of the boat. There was about 3,000 people on a ship. They made time to dance so they can have some fun while they wait. Some people spoke diffrent launges. I feel like this is importent because this us when they got on the boat and was almost there to elis island
  • "2nd stop" When people arrived to NY they were mostly tired. When people arrived they would see the statue of liberty. Familys would cheer and cry tears of joy because it meant they arrived. The statue of liberty has stood on its own island since 1886.Then health officers would come and look for signs of disses. The first and second class flew by fast. But the third class would uslly have to wait hours and even mabey days for the ferry boat to take them to get tested. I feel like this is importent becuase they have aarrived and they've spent days on the boat.
  • "The Registry Room"Many people went through medical inspections. It was intense because if you have something called trachoma then you will be sent home. Doctors used a thing called buttonhook . It's a tool to lift a persons eyelids. The registry room is also called the great hall. And it decideds if you can go to the country right away or that u need further review.
  • "The medical exam"Docters did some tests on them. Its called a 6 seconds test. Doctors looked for signs for illnes and stuff. And if they do have that then the docters would write something in chalk on their shirt and they will be taken out of line for further investagation. And the people who made it were going to the legal inspections. I feel like this is importent because what if u have something that couldnt be cured? you would be sent back
  • "The legel inspection"The inlegal inspectionis where a person asks you qustions such as how much money and where were you from. If an imagrant denise more than they qustions on the list that they have for you then they could denied for further injury. It was a tall stool behind a desk. There will also be someone to help the imagrants translate.
  • "The Good ending"When you have passed all 10 inspections then you are free to go and live in America to live a better life. People hug and kisses after months of waiting in lines. btw I'm Kamila! They don't know I'm here. I hope you learned something from this storybored. They made it through! Goodbye and have a great day!
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