comic strip

Updated: 10/30/2020
comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Ahhhhhhhh
  • ¨I held the lantern motionless¨ The man held the lantern standing in place. He wanted to refrain from movement. He breathed with a lot of thrill in him.
  • moving the bed: Scurchhhhh !
  • There was silence in the house then The man heard a noise and it lead him to uncontrollable terror. He even stood still after hearing the noise. The beating noise grew louder and louder.
  • Anxiety came upon the man of the possibility of the neighbors hearing. The old mans hour had came following with a loud screech. He ran into the room filled with scarce.
  • you will be put under these wooden slacks !
  • The man jumped into action, He dragged the old man onto the floor and threw the bed over him. He felt good for the deed he made of covering him. After the heart beat carried on but with a muffled sound
  • He thought of wise things to do with the old mans body. As the night creeped upon them he work hastily. The man then cut off the old man arms, legs, and even head.
  • He then took up three planks from the floor, and deposited all of the old man between the wooden beams. He then covered the beams he lifted to where no human eye could notice that there was and old man under there