The campfire
Updated: 11/8/2018
The campfire
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  • Exposition
  • rising action
  • climx
  • *scene:A group of friends are camping in the woods near a lake. *Camera angle:Long shot *Sounds:fire,wind, and people talking and having a good time. *Music:Jolly and happy music.
  • falling action
  • *scene:They are sitting around a campfire at night, when one of the girls starts to tell the others about something scary that supposedly happened in the same spot ten years ago. *Camera angle: close up *sounds:leaves breaking and loud wind. *Music:very creepy/scary music
  • resolution 
  • *Scene:one of the boys thinks he sees a figure sneaking through the woods. *Camera angle:high angle shot *Sounds:screaming, and very loud wind. *Music:suspenseful and scary.
  • *scene: the guy think he is just dreaming and the Friends go back to having fun. *Camera angle: long shot *sounds talking and fire *music: Happy
  • *Scene:The group of Friends decided to go back home because it was getting very dark and there friend was scared but they don';t know what could of happened if they didn't leave. *Camera: low angle shot *sounds:very loud mumble *Music:Satanic and scary
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