History Project
Updated: 2/12/2020
History Project

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  • Day 1: #Insane
  • Day 2: #WaveAtTheWaves
  • Day 3: #GoodTimes,TanLine
  • In the first day I arrived, I went to the street and there is bunch of people. Everyone is trying to get someone. Pushing and pulling is happening so fast
  • Day 4#MontAso
  • At the pier, there was a lot of huge waves crashing on the beaches of Japan. The waves were huge as 200 trucks!
  • Day 5: #RiceRiceBaby
  • At the beach, the water are clear. The sand is hot and feels really good on your toes.
  • Day 6: #Fuji
  • After taking a long bus and a little hike up some hills, I finally got a chance to see Mount Aso. This mountain is about 5,000 meters high and is active to this day!
  • I went to outskirts of town to enjoy the nice rice fields. A lot of work and time is put into these rice fields. The rice fields are long are 1.35 kilogram.
  • After hoping on a bus and travel a while, I was able to get close to Mount Fuji, a active volcano in Japan. The volcano can be dated back 100,00 years and is 12,388 meters high!