their eyes were watching god

Updated: 9/14/2020
their eyes were watching god

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  • Oh! Oh! I'm so happy!
  • I do.
  • Janie! You are going to regret this! Don't do this, come back 'ere!
  • <3
  • Green Cove Springs
  • Yer and old lady! Ain't nobody but me would want you nomore.
  • 'Ello there... wanna play some checkers with me ma'am?
  • Oh lordy! I don't even know how to play checkers!
  • Janie is arranged to marry Logan Killicks, a wealthy black man. Logan treats Janie as an object instead of as a person he loves and begins making her do hard physical labor. Their marriage deteriorates and Janie runs away with Joe Starks.
  • Oh TeaCake! Be careful!
  • POW!
  • Janie decides leave with Joe Starks, a wealthy entrepreneur, and gets married to him. They move to Eatonville, a town for blacks, where he becomes mayor. After years of marriage, Janie comes to realize that Joe doesn't treat her like he said he would and takes away her independence. They fight and shortly after, he dies.
  • Oh my sweet husband! I'll miss you so much! Thank you for all you did for me.
  • After Joe dies of complication with kidney cancer, she finally gets back the independence he took from her. One day a handsome young man that goes by the name TeaCake Woods enters her store. He treats her like a normal person and they quickly develop a relationship. They move to the Everglades soon after getting married.
  • Well Phoebe... I've been to the horizon and back.
  • They move to the Everglades and both Janie and TeaCake worked at the muck. One day a horrible hurricane hits and they need to evacuate the Everglades. As they were escaping Janie finds herself in front of a rabid dog. TeaCake jumps in to save her but gets bitten.
  • Dang it! IT BIT ME!
  • They didn't realize TeaCake had rabies until he began getting very sick. Janie calls a doctor but he tells them its too late for TeaCake to get the medicine he needed. After TeaCake tries to attack Janie, she is forced to shoot him to protect herself, losing her one true love.
  • Janie goes on trial after TeaCakes death and is found innocent. After his funeral, she goes back to Eatonville. The people there were quick to judge her on her appearance but she doesn't care. She goes to find her true friend Phoebe Watson and recounts all she's gone through the last couple years. She finalizes with saying she's been to the horizon and back and is finally satiated with her life