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Bruce the Hoary Bat
Updated: 11/12/2020
Bruce the Hoary Bat
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Week 7 Storyboard Forest Group #22

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  • Oh no!
  • no humans
  • The timber industry presents a significant threat to bat species due to the destruction of forests. Bats use forest tree structures for sleeping also known as roosting. Having somewhere to roost is important because bats devour 20% to 50% of their weight in insects each night. As mammals, they need large amounts of energy to preserve their body temperature. They need to rest to ensure survival during food scarcity.
  • One morning Bruce the Hoary bat wakened to a lot of ruckuses. Ordinarily, he would be sleeping during the daytime, but the deafening noise was too much to ignore. To his dismay, he encountered humans cutting down not some but ALL the trees near where he roosts. He quickly realized his habitat's landscape was changing, and one of the key structures was being destroyed.
  • Bruce desperately wished he could communicate with humans, so he could help them realize that humans and bats can coexist with a few land management changes. Luckily, there are bat biologists that can express the same concerns as Bruce to the logging companies. Instead of chopping down entire forest landscapes, the loggers could reduce some of the trees in the forest. This would help keep the extensive forest tidy so that it doesn't become a dog-hair site. Dog-hair forests are overcrowded and leave few flight paths for bats. A little cleanup could in fact help the bats out with their travel.
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