Chem project Medusa and the Snake
Updated: 2/12/2021
Chem project Medusa and the Snake

Storyboard Text

  • Na (Sodium)
  • The Girl and the Snake.( synthesis reaction occuring)
  • Br (Bromine)
  • The girl was walking home from school when she found a basket sitting on her front porch.
  • She was curious so she opened up the basket and saw a snake appear.
  • The girl then kicked the basket, but little did she know a witch was watching her from afar.
  • The witch approached the girl and told her it was cruel to kick the snake when it had done nothing wrong. So the girl cursed the and merged her with the snake.
  • Na+Br
  • The Girl was now part snake. She would stay that way the rest of her life and there was no cure or way to reverse the spell.
  • NaBr