Updated: 12/16/2019
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  • 1. Gets up at dawn2. Gets dressed in a tunica, toga and modern sandals3. Light breakfast snack4. Receive greetings from poorer people and freedmen (previous slaves)5. Went to the forum where he spent trading and banking6. Eat lunch7. Ciesta before baths8. Cena (dinner)
  • I Wore things like togas and tunic and a pair of modern sandals.
  • My slaves help me get dressed, do my hair, makeup, and jewelry.
  • I wear things like a Stola, a full length tunic, and a rectangular shawl.
  • We only eat a light breakfast like a piece of bread and water.
  • lunch is eaten about midday and we usually eat a light lunch which contains meat, fidh, and fruit.
  • Are main meal of the day is called cena we usually eat it towards the end of the afternoon.
  • Some customs we have is
  • Some customs and things about the dinning room are that during the winter we use the inner dinning room near the atrium, during the summer we use the dinning room at the back of the house, there are three couched around a circular table and each couch can fit three people. The slaves cut up are food before they bring it ., and finally we eat using are fingers or a spoon.
  • Some foods we eat are eggs, fish, vegetables, cheese, pork, beef, mutton,fruit, nuts, and bread.
  • My first duty is to go and receive respectful greetings from the poorer and freedmen
  • Clientes are the people that respect Cacelius and he is called the patronus.
  • My bankers stall is in the Forum
  • Somethings I spend my day doing are directing and supervising slaves, organizing meals, and organizing entertainment for friends, educating my children, reading, shopping, and visiting friends.
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