Ghenghis Khan
Updated: 12/17/2019
Ghenghis Khan
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  • We must unite to be great once again!
  • Finally I've united all the Mongols!
  • Attack the Jin!!!
  • Ghengis took his small force it the steppes to unite the Mongols because of the fact that their people cant become great until he does.
  • DIE!!!
  • Ahhh!
  • Eventually Ghengis khan united all the Mongols to create an army that would swell to over 20,000 elite soldiers
  • Oh no! What happened, I need to tell someone!
  • After killing all the Tartar and Taichi'uts and conquering the Xi Xai dynasty, he then turned his attention to the Jin dynasty which would soon last 20 years.
  • Rest In Peace greatest Warchief.
  • R.I.PGhenghis Khan 1227 AD
  • After Ghenghis established diplomatic relations with the Khwarizm, one of the Khwarizm cities was attacked by the Otar and the governor Inalchuq thought it was the Mongols so he beheaded the Ambassadors. Ghengis was so mad he personally broght an army of 200,000 soldiers to kill everyone.
  • Eventually in 1227 AD Ghengis Khan would die. But no one really knows how he died. Even though he dies his grandchild Kublai Khan still led and expanded the Mongol empire.
  • Following Mongol traditon, the grave of the greatest warchief in history was ultimately unadorned without any great monument
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