Updated: 10/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • God!!! this's iching a lot lately.
  • Latter in the same day
  • No big deal, just a inching spot.
  • What's that grampa?
  • Fine. How its work?
  • Ok, thank you, love you sweet.
  • No big deal? that could be cancer!!! A friend of mine show me an app that could help, let's test it.
  • See? the app said its probably cancer! You need to see a doctor!
  • It's just send a picture to the app, show me your arm, I take one.
  • Mr. Graves, one bad and one good news. The bad one is that you have skin cancer, the good one is that we discoveried very early so you have really high chance of survive with no sequel
  • I see, thank you very much doctor
  • We gonna start the treatment as soon as possible
  • Some days latter