Updated: 12/16/2019
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By: Hailee Groves, Devin Stroud, Lyla McMahan, and Zaire Wright.

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  • Who Is Psyche?
  • Who Is She Married To?
  • Description Of Psyche
  • She's not even that pretty.
  • Psyche was the goddess of the soul. Psyche's sisters are Flesh and Free Will, and her parents are God and Matter.
  • Story of Psyche
  • She is married to Eros or Cupid. Eros is the son of Aphrodite and the god of love.
  • Story of Psyche
  • Psyche is a mortal princess whose parents are a king and a queen but they are unknown. Psyche was magnificently beautiful, even all the gods thought she was more beautiful than Aphrodite.Her beauty was so wonderful that instead of going to Aphrodite’s temple, they would travel miles to go see Psyche. As a result of this, Aphrodite was angry.
  • Story of Psyche
  • Aphrodite was so angered that she ordered her son, Cupid, to make her fall in love with the most hideous man ever.
  • But instead of doing what his mother said, he fell in love with her. He took her and hid her in a tower. He hid his true identity and told Psyche she must never gaze upon his face.
  • Psyche didn't listen and she went out to find her lost love. She searched and found the presence of Aphrodite. Aphrodite made her do impossible task, like going to the underworld. But she soon found her love and they got married.
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