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Updated: 12/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • US Goes to the winning side in WW1
  • I’m so happy we won in WW1
  • Yeah I know and we don’t have to rebuild anything either.
  • The US Not Joining The League Of Nations
  • Can the US join the League of Nations ?
  • No because the Congress wants to be isolationist
  • Kellogg Briand Peace Pact
  • We need to come up with a pact so there won’t be any wars !
  • Yes so there won’t be any conflict or any wars and we shall call it Kellogg Briand Peace Pact.
  • We need to respect the pacific side of the country ( four power treaty)
  • They are happy because the US choose the winning side in WW1.
  • Washington Naval Conference
  • We need to prevent arms race by limiting naval construction.
  • We need the US open door in China. ( nine power treaty)
  • They asked if the US can join the League of Nations and they said no because they are isolating
  • US Putting Up Tariffs
  • We need to protect our goods and our farmers
  • So we are going to start putting up tariffs
  • The y are talking about banning wars so there won’t be any conflicts
  • US Collecting Debt
  • We need to collecting our war debt money from Europe
  • Talking about the nine power treaties.
  • They put up the tariffs so the US can protect the goods.
  • They are talking about collecting the war debts from Europe.
  • Yeah I know because they had to do so many reparations
  • We need to protect our goods and our farmers
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